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From Both Ends.

Here's what we are all about.

This is an advice column that deals with real-life
relationships and sexual health – from the unique
(and very different) perspectives of two writers.

On one End you have advice from Dr. Manuel Gomes, a licensed psychologist with a psychotherapeutic background.  On the other End you have your friend, your bar-buddy, your confidant - humorist Larry Star, also known as the Wedding Dress Guy.

The goal of this column is to offer advice From Both Ends thus giving each reader a sound basis from which to make a decision that will lead to a healthier personal lifestyle.  

From Both Ends
 is entertaining, informative, and somewhat controversial.  

Do you have questions about relationships, sex, or mental health?  Send your questions to: questions@FromBothEnds.com


Manuel Gomes, PhD
is a licensed psychologist and founder of the Washington Institute for Intimacy and Sexual Health, LLC.   Retired as
a US Air Force Captain, Dr. Gomes bases his comments, responses, and feedback upon his clinical experience, teaching experience, and multiple advanced academic degrees. He can be reached at

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Larry Star, GED
is the author of Bitter, Party of One… Your Table is Ready: Relationship advice from a guy who has no business giving it.  He gained notoriety as
eBay’s Wedding Dress Guy . Contact him directly at  weddingdressguy@gmail.com.